Health & Safety //

Safe & Secure recycling facility

Bulldog Metals is committed to a strong health and safety program designed to protect our staff, our property, the environment, and the general public from accidental losses. It is our belief that everyone is entitled to a safe work environment, free from any foreseeable hazards that may result in property damage, accidents, or personal injury/illness.

 In fulfilling this commitment we strive to:

    • Comply with all municipal, provincial, and federal legislative requirements
    • Continually assess and control risks that may arise from our work and our activities
    • Provide effective information, instruction, and training
    • Ensure safe work practices
    • Monitor and review policies, processes, and procedures to ensure effectiveness
    • Develop and maintain a positive health and safety culture through open communication with our employees

Safety first

We not only focus on a safer overall environment but also a safer work environment. Help us maintain our safe work environment at our recycling facilities by heeding the following safety instructions:

    • Commercial operators must wear personal protective equipment
    • Remain with your vehicle when on the scale or loading or unloading materials
    • Follow verbal instructions and obey all signs
    • Never leave children or animals unsupervised
    • Do not search through scrap piles

We provide dependable scrap metal recycling services for all metal recyclers. 

Come to Bulldog Metals to dispose of your scrap metals, scrap vehicles, scrap appliances and lead-acid batteries. 

We will gladly help you unload!

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