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Reduce waste with our recycling services

Why throw away metals when they can be recycled? Come to Bulldog Metals, where we buy scrap metal in Central Alberta. 

Metal recycling doesn’t have to involve weeks of preparation, and we make metal recycling easy. 

All you have to do is drop off your scrap metal or PB lead-acid batteries during business hours and we’ll do the rest. 

When you come to Bulldog Metals, you can feel good about promoting a healthier environment.

Recycling saves natural resources and energy. Rather than putting massive loads of steel into landfills, one can recycle and reuse it. Recycling steel uses 74% less energy than producing from raw materials.

Industrial & commercial recycling bin services

For competitive scrap metal prices, Central Alberta turns to Bulldog Metals to help collect the scrap metal at a worksite or construction job as well as inside factories.We provide industrial and commercial customers with bin services in  all Central Alberta. We offer pickup and drop off or you can do it and use our bins. 

When your industrial needs warrant a scrap metal recycling bin, turn to Bulldog Metals. We not only have a bin to suit most companies needs, but we also make it easy to recycle a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals throughout central Alberta. Scrap metal prices depend on current market value. Call us today, and we’ll let you know what to expect from the process.

Drop-off services

Whether you have scrap metal from home or your business, we can help. We provide a drop-off location where you can leave recyclable metals, appliances, or lead-acid batteries during business hours.

Our yard offers an 80 foot drive-on weigh scale to make it very easy for customers to come in and get weighed and paid in a quick manner.

We have a personal and professional services to load/unload your material.

Junk car removal (pick-up) & 

cash for junk car (drop-off)

Bulldog Metals offers you a chance to remove your scrap car from your property, and you can make money.

You can bring us your car and we will provide an easy and fast process.

Demolition & large volume metal clean up services

Do you have a large volume metal to clean up? Need on-site service? We can provide this to you based on the combination of your scope/location and our schedule. Call us to talk about it!

Lead-acid Batteries

We accept all sizes of batteries. Lead-acid (Pb) batteries have a huge impact on the environment and it is very important the correctly store and dispose of these.

Bulldog Metals is totally compliant with provincial and federal requirements.

Contact us and do more than protect the environment, you can make money!